TV Stand

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Updating our TV to a flat panel meant that we needed a new TV stand as well. The old stand had a recess to fit a older CRT tube TV, but had lots of storage for all home theater equipment and DVD media.


I used a couple of black boards laid on top of the recess as a temporary measure to place the flat panel TV on top of.


A better & longer term solution was needed….

I built a stand that would sit inside the recess with supports in the middle to take & spread the load of the TV. The timber board I used was a laminated pine panel from Bunnings ~20mm thick and was simply screwed together with light steel angle brackets (also from Bunnings).


I cut the panel 20mm short on three edges (front & sides) so that I could add a contrasting timber edging. The original TV stand has a pine/oak finish with black trims so I thought I would try to match the look as best as I could. The edging strips were Tas Oak in a basic 45 deg bevel. I should have applied a few more coats of black paint as the pine was unsealed.


I made a small shelf to house the DVD player at a certain height while allowing the centre speaker to sit underneath with uniform space around it.  I added a Tas Oak flat edging strip to finish the shelf edge.


The edging strips mitered to suit at the corners.


The final result was slightly taller than the recess by about 2mm but over time this has worked out to be an advantage once the weight of the TV was applied.

Using laminated pine panels are a great way to ensure that the result is as flat as possible. They are also very strong and quite heavy to work with but very easy to cut & assemble.